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Oltin’s passion in real estate began when he and his wife purchased their first home in Chestnut Hill, MA in 2012. In 2015, they dipped their into investing in multifamily properties in Worcester, MA. Oltin’s interest and passion in real estate grew stronger each day and he became obsessed with it.

In 2017, Oltin decided to leave his corporate 9-to-5 job in order to focus all his efforts into building a real estate career. He has not looked back since. He enjoys working with his clients who are first-time home buyers, selling their home, and ones seeking investment property for sale in the Boston area.

Oltin currently works for Simaku Realty. Simaku Realty is a 5-star Brokerage Firm based out of South Boston. Oltin wakes up every day and is excited knowing that his life’s mission is to assist individuals who are seeking their dream home, as well as those seeking to invest in duplexes for sale, multifamily housing, or individual units.

If you’re looking for houses for sale in Worchester, Boston, or anywhere else in the area, Oltin can help. Contact him today!